Pricing & Benefits

When you register at Author Barn, you immediately gain access to our benefits. However, there are even more benefits to becoming a featured or a plus member. When you upgrade, your payments are recurring on a monthly basis until you cancel. Even if you don’t release a new book each month (And hey, no shame in that. A lot of us need some extra time.), you’ll find your benefits continue, even when working with backlist titles.

This site is for fantasy, romance, and science fiction authors. All promotions except erotic romance will go on the Reader Barn site. Erotic romance promotions will be posted on Spicy Ebooks along with erotica with age verification for all visitors. Authors found posting erotic material on Reader Barn will have their accounts terminated immediately.

Important Information

  • Payments will recur until you cancel them.
  • Pricing is PER PEN NAME. If you have mutliple pen names, or are a PA or publisher, please contact me to discuss how you can get the most out of this service.
  • If you are a publishing professional (cover designer, marketer, professional blogger, etc.) please complete this form to see if you’re eligible for listing. The FREE tier is not meant for you.
  • If you’re an author, a personal blogger (yes, even about books), then you CAN begin with the free tier.
  • Not sure if you qualify as a personal blogger or a professional? No worries. Contact me. Let’s talk.
  • Any other questions? Check out our help docs or contact me.