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Bad Customer Policy

It is the policy of Epona Author Solutions, including Author Barn, that we have a NO hate speech, bullying, or abuse policy. None. It isn’t tolerated. And look, as someone who has worked in tech support for nearly 20-years, not to mention an author myself, I get the frustration that comes when something isn’t clear or working. No one wants to have that happen. And, in spite of our best efforts, sometimes it does.

Most of the time the situation is resolved without any stress, quickly and efficiently, and everyone leaves the encounter happier. Our staff is happy to have resolved and issue and made the author life a bit easier. The author’s happy because it’s fixed or clear. It works! YAY!

We do not believe the customer is always right. Such a behavior lends itself to abuse of front line help desk staff, not to mention customer service. Some people feel entitled to take advantage of this and bully staff. This is not tolerated.

Author Barn reserves the right to terminate accounts and/or ban individuals from our platform who harass, bully, or otherwise treat the customer support or helpdesk staff in a rude manner. I guarantee you such behavior doesn’t get your problem fixed faster. Therefore, we have implemented this policy to protect our staff from potential abuse.

Authors with a history of bad behavior will not be allowed on our platform to begin with.

As stated in our member directory policies, if an author receives communication through our system which would violate this policy, please forward it to the abuse contact information at the bottom of every email. This email address is given priority and is monitored to ensure such behavior doesn’t proliferate on our platform.

Thank you for understanding.

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