Apply For A Boxed Set

    Author Expectations:

    1. Epona Publishing seeks to work with authors willing to collaborate and have fun. We won’t browbeat you into helping to promote the boxed set; however, authors who do not participate in promotional efforts will not be invited to future anthologies. Everyone must contribute.

    2. No last-minute dropouts. The buy-in is nonrefundable. If you are unable to participate, your buy-in will be used to help promote the set.

    3. Authors are responsible for making sure their books are professionally edited prior to submission. Epona Author Solutions is offering a discount on editing services for anthology participants. Contact us for more information.

    4. No cliffhangers.

    5. Royalties split equally among contributors minus a 15% management fee.

    6. Duration of each anthology: Pre-Order beginning shortly after manuscript due date (to guard against any last-minute changes) lasting 60-90 days. Book will be available for a minimum of 6 months after publication date, with optional renewal at 90-day intervals by group vote thereafter. Up to two renwals, decided by group vote, will be offered, for a total of no more than 12 months from original publication date.

    7. Applicable tax form (W9 or W8BEN) and exclusive publication participation agreement is mandatory.