About Us

Who are we?

Author Barn is a wholly owned aubsidiary of Epona Author Solutions. Our founder, Mary Caelsto, has been published professionally in book-length fiction since 2002 and in nonfiction since the mid-1990s. As a multi-genre author, she knows what authors need and creates resources designed to make publishing easier.

Mary has been in this industry really since digital publishing first got started. This isn’t a “fly by night” operation, or some tech bro who thought they could mine the publishing world for cash. No slimy marketing techniques or promises here. Just a way to help connect authors to readers.

What’s with the barn animals?

It’s no secret that Mary’s branding involves horses (and chickens). From her homestead in the Missouri Ozarks, she’s cultivating the publishing career she wants, and she wants to share that with others. And, it’s more than branding. To her, it’s a way of life. The barn has always been her solace, a place of refuge and relief from the too-harsh ways of the world. The barn is where animals find food and comfort, shelter and caring. So when she calls you her “author chickens” or “author herd”, it’s done from a place of love and nurturing. And besides, aren’t the baby chicks cute?